Personalizing Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

Personalizing Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

In today’s world, we are constantly connected online. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2015, 90% of adults 18-29 and 77% aged 30-49 use social media. As time goes on people are sharing more and more information about themselves online. Have you ever thought about using this personal information to improve the experience of your customers?

Whether your answer to that question is yes or no, you should start now. If all of your customers are putting themselves out there, show them you care. With the right tools and execution, social media can become a vital part of getting to know your customers and improving their experiences. Here are a few tips to help personalize your next customer’s experience.

Social Listening

marketing_cubeIf you are on social media, you have access to tons of information regarding your customers. Take a step back and just listen. See and understand what people are talking about. Whether talking directly to you, about you, or about a competitor, valuable opinions will be shared. Listen and gather the right information so you know what your customers want. Once you know what they are saying, you will know how to respond.

Social Monitoring

Some ways to help add personalization can be done by physically going onto the platforms themselves and searching around. But, that takes time and resources you may not have. Use tools, like AwarenessHub, to help monitor and track the activity and conversations of your customers. Similar to social listening, if you monitor what is happening, you can better respond and enhance their experience.

Social Engagement

Now that you have listened, monitored, and understand what your customers are looking for, its time to talk back. Social media makes it extremely simple to engage with your followers. Ask questions, start conversations, be genuine, and show you are human. 78% of people believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. Engage in the right way, build strong relationships, and both you and your customers will benefit.

Avoid Mass Emails

Personalizing your customer experience is not only important for just social media, it is also important to carry that philosophy over to different marketing tactics and avoid mass emails. Whether you are posting on a social site or sending direct emails, personalization is key. You could be doing everything right on social media but if your emails are boring and basic, you are not sending a consistent message.


Whether it is on social media or through another form of contact, make sure your platforms are mobile-friendly. It is no secret that mobile usage has taken over desktop. Reach your customers where you know they will be able to interact with your message. Don’t go through all the time of putting together a personal email, but not give them the chance to open it properly on their mobile device. With mobile-friendly content, your customers are more likely to follow up or answer because they have the ability to do so on their mobile device and don’t have to sit down at a desktop.

All of the points above coincide with content. 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. This personalization comes from the actions you take after getting to know what your customers are looking for. Everyone is openly sharing this information about themselves online, you simply need to find the best way to capitalize on this information.

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