Understand the Social DNA of your Customers & Prospects

Most organizations don’t know what their own customers are saying about them, or where new prospects are online and what interests them most. However, in today’s world nearly 50% of buyers count on social media to make buying decisions and prospects can be found on social media (with the right platform, of course!). To execute a successful social marketing and sales strategy, and to properly track effectiveness against business KPIs, requires centralization, consistency, and integration. An effective strategy must also align with desired business outcomes.

  • Advance revenue growth by building greater brand awareness to expand reach to new prospects
  • Seek out sales prospects easily with social profiling
  • Increase customer satisfaction by making stronger connections with customers to drive engagement
  • Mitigate risk by proactively monitoring customer sentiment and engaging buyers in real-time

AwarenessHub simplifies the confusion of your social marketing and focuses on activities that deliver real business results, and enables you to find, understand, and engage prospects and customers faster, and more effectively.

  • Our solution offers greater visibility into where and what customers are saying
  • Our approach is more flexible with rules you set and control
  • Our results deliver more actionable intelligence aligned to business objectives yielding provable ROI

Comprehensive Social Prospecting and Sales Platform


Social Prospecting & Social Listening

Identify new prospects outside of your established audience using social activity criteria (e.g. users who are engaging with competitors’ brands, discussing specific topics, or who are taking actions that indicate buyer’s intent) and automatically add these individuals to the Social Profile database, effectively making the entire social web your marketing database. Learn more about how Awareness powers Social Prospecting and Listening.

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Social Publishing & Content Marketing

AwarenessHub lets you publish marketing content, including text, photos, and video attachments, with just one click to literally hundreds of destinations across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, foursquare, WordPress, Flickr, LinkedIn, branded communities and many others. Learn more about Awareness powers Social Publishing & Content Marketing.

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Social Engagement

Interact directly with the individuals who are talking about the topics that are relevant to you and your brand. Learn more about how Awareness powers Social Engagement.

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Social Profile Collection & Dynamic Profile Updating

Social Profiles create an accurate picture of your brand’s existing audience as well as targeted prospects on the social web. Learn more about how Awareness powers Social Profile collection.

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Social Scoring

Using this ground-breaking capability, companies can easily build their own segmentation logic to meet the specific goals of their business. Learn more about how Awareness powers Social Scoring.

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Social Marketing Offers

Launch hyper-targeted social marketing campaigns in minutes across all major social networks and marketing channels on any device. Learn more about how Awareness powers Social Marketing Offers.

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Social Analytics

Social Analytics is measurement evolved, allowing marketers to move beyond looking at what happened in their social marketing to discover why it happened and how it can be improved. Learn more about how Awareness powers Social Analytics.