Sonic Drive-In New England Select AwarenessHub to Drive Social Engagement with Customers

Sonic Drive-In New England Select AwarenessHub to Drive Social Engagement with Customers

Sonic Realizes Dramatic 200% Sales Improvement in Less Than 30-days Following the Implementation of AwarenessHub

AwarenessHub today announced that Sonic Drive-In New England has selected AwarenessHub’s social marketing software to drive engagement, marketing promotions and customer service for their customers.  This announcement comes within weeks of AwarenessHub announcing their selection as the exclusive social marketing provider and partner for Infor.

Using AwarenessHub, Sonic Drive-In New England is able to centrally manage all social accounts to listen and respond to customers in real-time, while engaging prospects with targeted content, all from a single platform.  Additionally they gain valuable insight into where potential and existing customers are online, what interests them most, and the ability to better interact and engage them to drive revenue growth.

“AwarenessHub give us a gigantic leg-up on all of our competition,” says Maureen Franco, Franchise Development Director of Sonic Drive-In New England.  “We have been using the system for less than 30-days and have seen a 400% increase in our social following, a 200% increase in marketing effectiveness and a dramatic increase in our ability to service our customers after they leave the restaurants.  The results have far exceeded our expectations.”

What is most interesting is the platform’s ability to combine detailed customer data that is available via social channels to Sonic’s point of sale technology and central customer database. Using the tool, Sonic is able to “hyper-target marketing offers” to individuals in real-time which has proven an increase in sales, to the tune of a 200%+ increase.  In addition, they are able to communicate with customers via social channels, allowing them to be more proactive in resolving customer service issues.

“Consumers rely on social media to make purchase decisions,” said Gregg Monastiero, chairman, AwarenessHub. “AwarenessHub puts the tools in our client’s hands to communicate directly with the customers most likely to buy, engage with them and send out personalized marketing offers.  I am personally excited about our relationship with Sonic and am thrilled to see the progress they have made with the tool in a short amount of time.

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